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Magic Memory Optimizer 8.2

It is an efficient tool for increasing the performance of your system
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Magic Memory Optimizer solves all the problems that are related to your system RAM. It increases the performance of your computer by cleaning certain memory segments that store data which is no longer used. The software is also able to automatically clean the RAM after a time interval that you choose.

Nowadays, a lot of so-called memory cleaners are available for free. Yet, many of them prove to be just useless applications, as they don’t actually clean the RAM. They attempt to perform this task, but end up filling the entire RAM with useless data leading to a very low computer performance. Magic Memory Optimizer, on the other hand, is a well-designed program that keeps the memory of your computer in a good state. Additionally, it offers a tool which you can use to terminate any running system process. Also, an interesting feature that caught my attention is the program’s ability to configure de CPU in order to allocate more time to background processes.

In addition to memory cleaning, this program is also able to perform a memory compression. Though, it’s recommended to avoid using this option too often.

To conclude with, I recommend this small and powerful Magic Memory Optimizer.

Margie Smeer
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